Medium-voltage Walk-in Switchgear
Medium-voltage Walk-in Switchgear



Power Controls, Inc. A subsidiary of ROMAC
Power Controls, Inc. (PCI) is an independent manufacturer of electrical power distribution and control equipment. We are proving that you do not have to sacrifice quality or price to get superior customer service and design flexibility. Whether your switchgear and control needs are standard, custom or special, we provide quick response, design flexibility and plus top quality components, construction and materials.

PCI was organized in 1975 to provide professional service, and rapid response to the electrical construction market. Our attention to quality and quick turnaround has gained us wide acceptance by major utilities and commercial, industrial and governmental installations, domestically and abroad.

The industry's first UL listed medium voltage load interrupter switchgear.

All of our products are manufactured to current industry and utility standards. Panelboards, low voltage switchboards, load-interrupter (LI) switchgear, bus duct, unit substations and motor controls are UL listed. PCI is a member of NEMA and maintains a library of current NEMA standards, as well as ANSI and IEEE, and all applicable electrical utilities.

Ultra-Compact UL Load Interrupter
Ultra-Compact UL Load Interrupter
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The industry's first UL listed integrated substation.

Because we are independent, we are in a position to select from an array of electrical components from many different suppliers to meet the demands of your application. High-quality materials and state-of-the-art components are used in the manufacture of all PCI products.


UL listed Bull Switches for the entertainment industry.

PCI ENGINEERING has met a wide range of switchgear and controls specifications. Our experienced personnel translate your requirements into equipment that fits your application. We also assist in preparation of unique or special layouts.

Startup, design, maintenance and troubleshooting are available. Complete engineering drawings are prepared for each order using standard CAD formats. Submittal drawings are processed in days rather than weeks. In emergency situations drawings can be submitted with quotation, or immediately following order placement.

PCI employs top-notch quality assurance personnel and procedures because we want our customers coming back. We are proud of our quality record. Trained technicians and rigorous testing and control go into every project. PCI has met the most demanding military, government and private quality assurance standards. We will also test to specific customer requirements and welcome customer witness of these tests at our facility.



Transformers and Substations

Custom arrangements of all kinds are available.

Unit Substation

Integrated unit substations are UL Listed, where applicable, and can be arranged to fit your exact requirements. Primary can be protected with load- interrupter, network protector or circuit breaker. Can be skid or trailer-mounted for portability.                

  • Indoor or outdoor
  • Dry or Liquid-cooled        
  • Up to 38kV Primary

Low Voltage Switchgear

... such as the secondary on the substation shown above is a PCI strength. Using insulated case power breakers or air circuit breakers, PCI low voltage gear sets the standard in quality construction and reliability. PCI keeps a large inventory of components and subassemblies on hand to facilitate those fast turnaround requirements.

Flexibility is a PCI cornerstone. We will build to match existing gear or transformer. We will use the customers choice of manufacturers for power breakers or air breakers. Height, depth, main buss location are also areas the customer can influence when desired.


Voltage Gear

MV Metal-Clad Switchgear

  • Up to 27kV
  • Insulated bus capacities up to 4000 amp
  • Indoor/outdoor construction
  • Protected aisle, walk-in or self-contained power house construction
  • Vacuum breaker
  • One high or two high construction
  • Induction disc or solid-state microprocessor relays
  • Solid-state multi-function meters
  • Metering provisions for most utility companies available


Low and Medium Voltage Motor Controls

  • Thru 4160V
  • Up to 3000A
  • Indoor NEMA-1 or NEMA-12
  • Indoor construction (protected aisle or walk in)
  • Fusible, vacuum contactors
  • Thermal-magnetic or solid-state overloads.
  • State-of-the Art relaying and communications
  • Synchronous, reduced voltage, reversing and multi- speed controllers
  • Latest Vacuum Contactor Technology
  • Most Major Manufacturer's OEM Units
  • Two-High or One-High Design
Voltage Motor Controller

Special Equipment for the Movie
Wide variety of enclosures and custom arrangements

Special receptacles, lugs, metering and most other accessories are available.

Cinema Series

Entertainment Industry UL Listed BULL SWITCH. For Safety and Rugged Reliability
  • Dual Rated, 600VAC, 250VDC
  • Up to 1200 amperes, 2000 amp common bus multiple units
  • Dual Rated AC/DC thermal magnetic breaker disconnect, Up to 1200 amp, safety interlocked with access door
  • Rugged construction, indoor NEMA-1 or 12/outdoor NEMA-3R
  • Wall mounted or free standing
  • Easy serviceability, all front accessible
  • Triple-Safe (Outdoor units)
    (1) outer door padlockable
    (2) inner door interlocked with disconnect
    (3) full dead-front over line connections
  • Available accessories: shunt trips, under-voltage releases, auxiliary contacts, solid states trip units, metering packages.
  • Silver-plated copper bus landings for "sister lugs" (Standard)
  • Plug-in style receptacles, 400A maximum (Optional)
  • Special receptacle setups available



Ultra-compact Load Interrupter

Compact MV Load Interrupter Switches

POWER CONTROLS stocks a compact UL Listed 5kV load interrupter switch in indoor and outdoor models. Meets IEEE and ANSI standards for medium voltage switchgear. Available with a wide variety of options and accessories.

  • Ultra-compact Design:
    25.5" w x 25" d x 66"h
  • Special Enclosures
  • Single and double-high arrangements
  • 5kV 60kV BIL,
    20ka momentary fault close
  • 200 amp continuous
  • Substations & Main Service
  • Two-High design available
Interrupter Switchgear


A complete stock of MV fuses is ready for quick delivery.
Voltage Gear

MV Metal-Enclosed Switchgear

Flexible, economical switchgear is available with indoor or outdoor construction.
  • Up to 38kV
  • Capacities to 3000A, Insulated bus optional
  • Protected aisle, walk-in or self-contained power house construction.
  • Fusible or non-fused disconnects
  • Electrical or manual operation
  • State-of-the-Art relaying and metering provisions


LV Switchboards

  • Up to 600V
  • Up to 6000 Amps
  • Indoor NEMA 1 or 12
  • Outdoor construction protected aisle, walk-in or self-contained powerhouse construction
  • Molded case circuit breakers, fusible switches, insulated & Air C/B's
  • Metering provisions for utility companies available
Low Voltage


Custom Fabrication

PCI provides custom sheet-metal fabrication to your order, quick service and reasonable pricing. Our numerically controlled machinery, punches, breaks, shears and more, assure you of up-to-date fabrication methods and high-quality. Power Controls specializes in custom electrical enclosures.





Custom enclosures to your specifications


Test Equipment

Apparatus is regularly calibrated to NIST- traceable standards:
  • 100,000A High Current Test Set
  • Hipotronics 75 kVAC Hi-Pot
  • Hipotronics 60 kVDC Hi-Pot
  • 4160V Test Cart
  • Biddle 100A Contact Resistance Tester
  • Biddle 3-Phase TTR
  • Multi-Amp Relay Test Set
  • Multi-Amp Transformer Polarity Tester
  • Ground Fault Test Set

Our Facilities

  • 7 acres in downtown Los Angeles, in the heart of West Coast shipping lanes
  • 120,000 square feet under roof
  • Six overhead cranes
  • Dock high 2 truck Loading Dock
  • 25-foot Ceilings
  • Amada Pega Turret Punch Press
  • Amada RG 80 Break
  • Amada RG 100 Break
  • LTV 3/8 x 10' Shear
  • Strip-it FabriCenter
  • Painting and Coating Center

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